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What did you pay in fees, refunds and international currency transfers this month?
Learn where to save money with simple reports that show you where your money goes. Actionable reports that are easy to understand and base decisions on.
WHEN did changes in your marketing, current events, or affiliate promotions affect your business?
Web based reporting provides you 24/7 access so you can immediately define effects of change on your business as it relates to current events, marketing, affiliates, etc.
WHO are your buyers?
Buyer gender and location reports help you optimize your marketing campaigns.
WHERE are you within your business plan?
Terapeak for PayPal provides to-the-minute insight on your progress by enabling you to set goals and notifications.
WHY manage your business using reporting from Terapeak for PayPal?
It is imperative that you make fact-based decisions for your business, and Terapeak for PayPal provides you these facts in a time saving and visual toolset.

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